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Preserving Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has an image as the “City of the Future”—a city always at the cutting edge of change—but also as a “throwaway metropolis” that cares little about its history or architectural legacy. Yet the reality is quite different. Over the past decade, the City of Los Angeles has developed one of the most successful historic preservation programs in the nation, culminating with the completion of the nation’s most ambitious citywide survey of historic resources. All across the city, historic preservation is now transforming Los Angeles, while also pointing the way to how other cities can use preservation to revitalize their neighborhoods and build community. Preserving Los Angeles: Hardcover 224pgs Architecture/Los Angeles Ken Bernstein is a Principal City Planner for the Los Angeles Department of City Planning. In this capacity, he oversees the City’s Office of Historic Resources, which is responsible for Los Angeles’ historic preservation policies and programs.