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The Stack

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This slumber-time story from Vanessa Roeder, author of The Box Turtle, is the ideal "last book before bed." Luna, an energetic and innovative young girl, is on a mission to snag a star and make it her night light. But how will she reach it? Full of silly and whimsical building blocks from a chair to an elephant to a station wagon, Luna eventually finds her success and is then able to settle in for the night. Roeder's illustrations are full of hidden details and the interjected comments from characters throughout her stack will have you engaged until it's time to be tucked in.

From the creator of The Box Turtle comes a clever and stunningly illustrated bedtime story about doing (and building!) whatever it takes to reach for the stars

Luna begins her stack with a single chair. But it's not quite tall enough. So she adds a stool, then some books . . . and her bed . . . and before she knows it, she's thrown a pile of plates, a bathtub (currently occupied), and a whale up there too. And yet the stack still isn't tall enough. Finally, after she flings and slings bigger and wackier things into the stack, and then climbs and stretches just so, she is able to reach into the sky for just what she wants: a star of her own to use as a night-light!